Friday, January 15, 2010

Outer Banks Sandbars

Photograph by David Alan HarveySandbars swirl beneath Oregon Inlet in Cape Hatteras National Seashore on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Waves driven by ocean winds can cause the sandbars here to shift and change literally by the hour, making conditions hazardous for boats.
-From National Geographic Science Photos.

Welcome for 2013!

We are again offering to let out our week at the Windjammer at Nags Head. This year the week begins on Saturday, March 16. It will be $395, which is a bargain for a week at the Outer Banks. Be sure to check out the Windjammer’s official website at They have a few photographs.  One thing we liked to do was stop in Greensboro on the way to the coast to witness a huge re-enactment of the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse at a national military park. The dates of the 232th reenactment are uncertain, but it might be March 16-17. For more information, go to And go to which is the site of a nonprofit that runs the reenactments. It has a great slide show of scenes from the battle.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Update: The roof of the pavillion has been removed because of local codes, but its deck is still in place and a new gazebo has been built on the land-side. The website of the NC Aquarium is . This Windjammer week often sells for $700, so ours is a bargain if you can go at that time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Outer Banks

From the Windjammer resort you can drive North to amazing places along the coast, or drive South to Pea Island, then continue on to see the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, then take the free ferry to Okracoke Island, and who knows who will pass by and wave. All photos here were taken by Meredith Hunt in March, 2007. Enjoy.

Some Outdoor Views

Sunrise over the Atlantic ocean from the personal deck of Unit S of the Windjammer. This deck is outside the Master Bedroom on the second floor. During mid-March this deck is virtually private, as there are few to no people around most of the time.

This view is from the Windjammer's covered pavillion on the dunes, facing East. The last unit down the Left is S. The ocean is behind you. For larger images, click on the photos.

Sometimes mid-March is stormy and cold, which some people (like us) love. Other times, like in this photo, it is sunny and mild. The water here is just a few yards down from the pavillion, the distance, of course, depending upon the tide.

These Below are the various buildings of the Windjammer resort. They are all set at an angle to the beach so every unit has an ocean view. This is facing South. You can see Unit S above the red car. Note how few cars there are. If you like quiet, this is a great week to come to the Outer Banks.

The blue Atlantic Ocean from the pavillion. Nothing between here and... Europe but water, sky, clouds, birds, and ships. Groups of pelicans are frequent overflyers in March. One fun form of recreation is kite flying. There is a terrific kite shop a few miles North and a paved bike path the whole way!

Tour of the First Floor

When you walk into the main door, this is about what you will see. In the many years we have stayed here, we always found the place to be super clean.

Looking toward the sitting area. The villa has three large closets.

The kitchen is small, but functional and well equipped. One downside is the dishwasher--it works very well but is somewhat loud.

Another view of the sitting area. The couch on the Left pulls out into a bed.

This is looking from the couch. On the Right is the stairs going up, but first...


This is the downstairs 1/2 bath.

Stairs nicely carpeted. We never hear noise from the neighbor villa.
And this is the upstairs full bath at the top of the steps. The Windjammer has an outdoor pool, but it doesn't open until summer. However, the Hot Tub is next to the pool is open, I think. I'll check.

Upstairs--the Bedrooms

The Master Bedroom.

This bedroom contains two twin beds.
This is looking into the Master Bedroom from the upper deck. Sunlight sometimes shines in on the bed.